Web Design Packages

We offer three diferent tiers of packages for our clients to choose from.

3 Tiers

Ranked from basic to advanced: Gold, Platinum, and Diamond offer our clients a range of customizable options to build their website.


Client is required to pay a 50% deposit for all packages.

Terms & Conditions

The client must sign a contract, regarding to but not limited to the web design process, payment methods, turnaround time, a la carte options, etc.


Our basic package is offered for our clients who are looking for a simple, yet sophisticated website.


  • 5 menus

  • 3 submenus ($10 for any additional submenu)

  • Basic animations

  • Choice of 10 different fonts

  • Social media integration

  • Up to 3 different layouts throughout website

  • 2 different color schemes


$300+ $60 theme maintenence
  • 1-2 week turnaround
  • As a checkpoint, the client will be updated halfway through the process, to ensure their web. design is moving in the right direction