Website Design: Platinum Package

//Website Design: Platinum Package

Website Design: Platinum Package


This package includes a mid-level website design with 5 menus, 5 submenus ($10 for any additional submenu), choice of 20 different fonts (including color changes), up to 5 different animations, and more!


There are two payment methods for a client to secure their service

  • A 50% deposit. This means the client will be able to pay a 50% non-refundable deposit towards their service. Once the service is fully completed, the client is responsible for paying the remaining 50% deposit. Fully completed entails that the client is completely satisfied with the work produced and all unlimited revisions are appropriately applied towards service.

  • 1/3 payments. This means the client is able to place a non-refundable deposit of 33% of the total price to secure services. Next, at the halfway point, the client will pay the next 33% payment; if client does not pay the second 33% payment, the deposit is non-refundable and services will not continue unless second payment is made. Lastly, once services are fully completed (i.e. all revisions are made to the client’s satisfaction), the client is then responsible to pay for the remaining 33%. For example: the Gold Package is listed at $350 + $60 maintenence fee, giving a total of $410. To secure services, the client will pay a non-refundable deposit of $136. The second and third payments remaining will be $137!

. There is a downloadable contract that the client must sign, as part of their acknowledgement of the policies and terms & conditions.


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