1-on-1 Sessions

1-on-1 Sessions


One of our favorite services! This one is especially for those who seek extra help when it comes to anything “writing related.” We offer 1-on-1 sessions that will always be tailored towards the client’s individual needs. If needed, group sessions are also available for a bundled price! We will have sessions ranging from how write a polished and interview worthy resume to properly formatting an APA style paper.

Upon selecting this service, please take a look at our policies page, as it will also be included in a confirmation email upon deposit payment.


$25 per hour and made by appointment only or $35 per session. There are 3 sessions for writing help (depending on needs of the client) and 2 sessions needed for resume and cover letter help. This services includes tools to succeed in the writing arena, helping with formatting, word choice, structure, and so much more!


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