When it comes to writing that perfect cover letter or resume, there are several factors that come in to play such as proper formatting, clear and concise writing, and keeping everything on ONE page (when possible). Lastly, it is important to provide specific examples of you and your work experience, allowing you the best chance at an interview.

With our services, we guarantee:

  • Two Cover Letter &/or Resume layouts (dependent upon the service) perfectly tailored with your information.

  • You will receive helpful tips/notes on your Cover Letter &/or Resume.

  • An update on your work every 48 hours.

  • A cover letter and/or resume you can brag about.

  • Discounted cover letter services to pair with your resume.

Cover Letter & Resume Building Pricing:

Resume Building (without cover letter)

$50+$10 for an extra resume layout
  • With this service, we will complete a new & tailored resume for you from start to finish.

Resume Building (with cover letter)

$60+$10 for extra layouts
  • This service will guarantee a certified A. Okay! Cover Letter & Resume Combo

Cover Letter & Resume Editing Pricing: 

Resume Editing (without cover letter)

$35+$10 for an extra resume layout
  • The client’s curent resume will be edited and revised.

Resume Editing (with cover letter)

$45+$10 extra if client does not have current cover letter
  • Both the current cover letter and resume will be edited with A. Okay’s handcrafted touch.