Acacia M. Taylor | Cleveland, OH
Acacia M. Taylor | Cleveland, OHCEO, Chief Editor, & Certified Resume Specialist
For several years, Acacia has loved helping family and friends in the area of writing; from resumes to typing papers, Acacia strived to make sure the people she helped got the best work possible. Throughout the years, she’s noticed that it’s not the work that gives her enjoyment, but helping others get an A on a paper or advancing in the workplace. Noticing her impact on others, she decided to finally go in to business for herself! A. Okay! was born as a simple “play” off of her name and a coined English phrase when everything is up to standards. We’re here to provide a middle-man service, while giving you A1 customer service. Please subscribe and become a member for the latest updates, tutoring sessions, and community outreach programs. Our social media handles are below for you to check us out.
We thank you for joining A. Okay!.

What We Promise: 

Quality Work

Every piece of work we receive, from cover letters to a student’s 10 page research paper, the work is always top notch!

Why It Counts!

The years of experience used on our clients’ work speaks for itself & we guarantee that you will be pleased with our final product(s).

A1 Customer Service

You come first! We strive to give excellent customer service, allowing you, the client, to feel valued and heard.

It's All About YOU!

Customer service is the backbone of many great companies! How we treat our clients ensures our clients return & the longevity of us as a business.

Quick Turnaround Time

We ensure your work will always be available within 5-10 business days (2-3 business days if an expedited order)!

Because Your Work Matters!

Also, with our availability tool, you will always be able to check on the status of your work; we strive to always keep our clients informed.

If you are looking for the right help with your resumes, essays, cover letters, or even looking for proofreading, A. Okay! is the perfect choice for you. Acacia takes her time and uses her knowledge to ensure you that your work is done appropriately. Acacia is definitely a help and inquiring with her about her services will help your paper become absolutely flawless. Acacia not only knows how to make the necessary corrections but also takes her time to proofread and offers a lot of ideas to enhance the work required. Acacia’s work is outstanding and I highly recommend her. Aokaywriting is way better than Grammarly and I hope that you experience the work Acacia does.

T. Brown

As a full time working professional completing master’s level course work, A.Okay Writing was just what I needed. With limited time to complete assignments, Acacia was able to take the notes provided translating the notes into a well-written paper. In addition, the 1 on 1 session and feedback received from Acacia was invaluable. I highly recommend A.Okay Writing and will definitely utilize the services in the future.

Well, it’s definitely a 5-star service. I got the A that I wanted. Prices are reasonable. I never waited around for anything and you kept me updated through the entire process.

Amazing work, excellent quality, fast and efficient, very smooth process! I am beyond pleased with what I received!

Very punctual with delivering services, professional and concise writing style. Got me a 100% on short term notice.

I love their service. I gave them my assignment and it was completed three days before I had to turn it in. I read over it and I felt so relieved when it was finished. I’m going to use their service plenty of more times. Five star Service!!!!

Thank you for all of your help with my rush assignment! You were very engaged and professional and did a wonderful job from start to finish!! I greatly appreciated your help!!